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12th Annual Photo Show Winners

Meet the finalists of the Fall Photo Show sponsored by The Yale Globalist and The Yale Photography Society

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Bo-Kaap: A lens into the “Rainbow Nation” by Wa Liu

Bo-Kaap, a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the historic centers of Cape Malay culture. Under the cloudless, peacock-blue sky, the brilliant shades of the neighborhood’s houses form a magical scene—one that would not seem out of place in the pages of a fairy tale. Yet this kaleidoscope of colors masks a far more complicated history. Read more.

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Unrest in the West Bank by Semhal Tsegaye

In the summer of 2014, the outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas drew the eyes of the world. While the international lens was focused on the fighting in Gaza, the West Bank also saw unrest as Palestinians came out in massive numbers to show solidarity with the residents of Gaza. Read more.

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Women in Urban India

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11th Annual Photo Show Winners

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Walls: A Photo Essay by Amelia Earnest

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