Creative Piece: Every Pride Is A Riot

Every Pride Is A Riot

Luka Gawlinski Silva


the first pride was a riot and

so is




a brick

does not have to be a brick 

to break a window.

a man does not need tear gas to

disperse a crowd if he

has a book and a poster

and a tongue.


there is violence in her

breathing. in a

kiss. in a body that bent

so it could 


beautiful. in

beauty that refuses to bend

for it to be 

a body.


there is anger in his masc

ara and it will 


hesitate to 

drip. he is

young but he

has died too many

times to keep count

too many times to


planting grave

stones so there

are none.


fists clenched

teeth on teeth

barrier on barrier today there 

must not be blood etched 

into asphalt, love 

turned to loss.

there are so many people but in an


they could be made into



what good is a rainbow if

it cannot be

a shield?


what good is a shield if

what you need 

is a sword?


every pride is a riot

until pride is 

no longer



the first pride was a riot.

the last one will be too.

Luka Gawlinski Silva is a sophomore in Grace Hopper College. He can be contacted at