Impressions of Ghana

by Jasmine Lau

(Jasmine Lau ’12 is in Silliman College. She spent time working in a village in Ghana in May, and is blogging about her experiences and sharing her photos of her time there.)

Ghana, population 24 million, has a per capita output that is almost twice that of its neighboring countries in West Africa. (Lau/TYG)

All developed countries are fairly alike, but every developing country is developing in its own way. The term “developing country” encompasses such a huge spectrum that I had no idea what to expect when I was preparing for my trip to Ghana. Having been to countries such as Indonesia, Guatemala, Thailand, and China before, I was interested to see how Ghana, which is often held up as a shining beacon and a model state in Africa, would compare.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Ghana with 10 other Yale students as part of the Yale UNICEF international outreach initiative. While a significant portion of the trip is devoted to our educational project at the SOS Village School Kumasi, our group also had a chance to travel around the country, interact with residents, and immerse ourselves in the local culture as well as explore social, economic, and political issues.

I decided to keep a visual journal of my experiences. Disclaimer: I am no longer in Ghana, and so, unlike traditional blogging, I will not be documenting my time in chronological order. Instead, I’ll be sharing my photos in groups of stories and themes that, in my opinion, most meaningfully capture a piece of the tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and people that represent Ghana.

For now, click through the gallery below to see some snapshots of my favourite aspects of the country.