FLUX: Letter from the Editors

Dear Globalists,

This spring semester came and went! Yale’s mask mandate was partially lifted after Spring Break and a lot of us were able to see each other face-to-face for the first time in a long time. Yale and the world beyond have been in constant motion and we’re all just trying to keep up. For this issue, then, we selected the theme FLUX. According to Oxford Dictionary, “flux” can mean:

1. The action or process of flowing or flowing out

2. The rate of flow of a fluid, radiant energy, or particles across a given area

3. Continuous change or movement

The articles featured in this issue explore ongoing conflicts and tensions in Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, and related geographies. In “Hot Wheels: Canada’s Trucking Industry’s Response to covid-19,” Bloom discusses Canadian truckers protesting vaccination mandates and contemplates the larger issue of how governments ought to respond to civil protests. In “Turkey’s Turn Back,” Gunn probes into Turkey’s complicated position amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Relatedly, Tedla’s “The Policies are Immigrating: Eastern Europe and the American Right” highlights the Eastern European influence on the American right’s response to migration flux and ideology around the “ideal” migrant.

Thank you to our writers—Dylan Gunn, Ezana Tedla, and David Bloom—for their diligent work and critical insights. Thank you to our editors— Margaret Hedeman, Mahesh Agarwal, and Sandhya Kumar—who made this issue possible. Thank you to the creative brain behind it all—Sid Hirschman! We look forward to the future of the Globalist and possibly resuming our tradition of international reporting trips. Have a great summer!

With love,

Martina & Victory


To view the pdf form of Flux, please use this link: FLUX