About Us

The Globalist is an undergraduate publication at Yale University with a focus on international affairs, including politics, culture, and economics. While our writers and editors come to Yale from all over the world and hold a variety of beliefs and values, we are united in our desire to learn more about the world and the people in it.

Some of our stories are based on students’ experiences abroad, while others are crafted and reported from our dorm rooms in New Haven. Each summer, we take a small, yet an intrepid group of student reporters to a foreign country, resulting in our first of four print issues every year. In the past, we have traveled to Rwanda, Morocco, Ghana, Peru, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, South Africa, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Belarus, Tanzania, India, China, and Venezuela. These trips allow our writers to hone their reporting skills, develop appreciation and respect for different cultures, and come back with countless stories, many of which are shared in our blog posts and more longer pieces which are published in the fall. Most recently, the Globalist writers traveled to Rwanda. Check out the content that the writers published during their time in Rwanda here.

After the first issue, each issue of the Globalist centers around a theme chosen democratically by the group. Recent themes have included Control, Borders, Empathy, Move, Sacred, Reckoning, Authority, and Relics. We prioritize allowing our writers to tell stories in their own voices while maintaining our standards of accuracy and thoughtfulness. To that end, we publish personal narratives, photo essays, blog posts, videos, narrative features, and short “glimpses.”

If you would like to get involved with the Globalist, please email victory.lee@yale.edu or amre.proman@yale.edu.

If you would like to support the Globalist, please consider making a donation. Email tyglobalist@gmail.com for more information.

This magazine is published by students of Yale College. Yale University is not responsible for its contents.

Any opinions expressed by writers are not necessarily representative of the opinions of the editorial staff or other members of the Globalist community.