Executive Board 2023-2024

Board Members:



Dylan Gunn – Co-Editor in Chief

Dylan is a junior Branford majoring in history. He was born in Northern Ireland and raised on Long Island—frequenting both in his time away from Yale. Outside of Glo, he is a teacher for Yale Hemispheres and a staff writer for the Yale Herald. Dylan is fascinated by urban and infrastructural studies. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and exploring the world on Google Earth.




Ezana Tedla – Co-Editor in Chief

Ezana is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in History and Economics. He is from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, and he is the oldest in his family to be born outside Ethiopia. His interests are in sanction policy, economic development, and in diplomatic history. Aside from that, Ezana loves to spend time listening to podcasts, cooking, and drawing Arabic calligraphy.





Anna Chamberlin – Chief Online Editor

Anna is a sophomore and prospective Global Affairs major in Silliman College. Born in suburban Pennsylvania, she’s eager to expand her understanding of the world via ventures with The Globalist and other student groups. She stays busy as a member of the cross country and track and field teams, but makes sure to find time to paint, play her violin, and catch up with her siblings.




Camila Young – Social Chair

Camila is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College hoping to go into environmental law. She is Puerto Rican and lives in Miami, FL where she spends her free time scuba diving and hiking. Outside of The Globalist, she runs an environmental student advocacy group which hopes to influence legislation to be more green. You can find her at coffee shops and plant stores. 



Zoey Duan – Business Director

Zoey is a second-year in Jonathan Edwards College, prospectively studying Global Affairs and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. She is interested in all things public health, but particularly about global health, health economics, and healthcare infrastructure development. When she’s not working on GLO business things, she conducts clinical and foreign policy research, provides strategic advising for Yale Ventures, skates around on a pink penny board, and eats ice cream for dinner.




Kemper Rodi – Creative Director

Kemper is a first-year in Davenport College and a prospective Anthropology major. She was born and raised in Newport Beach, California and is anxiously preparing herself for her first winter on the East Coast. Outside of The Globalist, Kemper is a theatrical makeup designer—she also loves to browse Pinterest, visit museums, play the NYT games religiously, and hike to the Ben and Jerry’s on Temple Street.