Get Involved!

We welcome you to get involved with the Globalist at any point in your Yale academic career. Below are several ways in which you can do so. Please feel free to email and/or with any questions or to request to be added to our email newsletter.  


Pitch to our print issue!

The Yale Globalist publishes a print issue quarterly under a different theme such as “Empathy,” “Reckoning,” and “Authority.” After we choose a theme, we send out emails asking for pitches— ideas for pieces you would like to write. For the print issues, you may pitch anything from perspectives to features, personal essays, or works of prose or poetry.


Write a Beat blog!

A beat blog is a series of articles on a specific topic that is published weekly, biweekly, or monthly for the website, according to the writer’s preference. Once you select a topic, we will pair you with an online editor who will provide support and feedback throughout the process. Previous writers have written about Democracy in Latin America, U.S.-China relations, and the LGBTQ+ community.


The World at Yale

The World at Yale highlights international affairs events that are happening at Yale. You can claim a pitch by replying to the weekly emails we send out. Once you select an event, your job is to attend, talk to speakers, and write about it for the website. We will pair you with an online editor who can answer questions you might have and provide feedback. If you would like to write/photograph an event/talk/exhibition/movie screening/festival that is not listed, please email, and we would be happy to accommodate you! Check out an event coverage here, a movie review here, and other examples here and here.


Online exclusives

Is there someone at Yale whom you would like to interview? A professor whose work you find interesting? A World Fellow? Email us at, and we can help you draft an email to send to your interviewee, help you brainstorm questions, and pair you with an editor!


Creative Page

Be creative! We accept poems, essays, opinions, photo essays, or experimental forms of writing! We publish both for the print and website! Check out some examples here, photo essays here, and poems here.


Staff Writer Requirements:

To be a staff writer, you will need to write one or more article(s) for the print magazine or the website and attend at least two  Globalist events (these include staff meetings, panels, special events, etc.) throughout the semester. The articles might include: beat blogs, World at Yale articles, interviews, long-form journalism, or a photo essay, something creative i.e poems, essay for example). You will be listed as a staff writer on our print issues and website, can attend our board meetings, and have access to other opportunities!