HAZE: Letter from the Editors

Dear Globalist Readers,


The Fall of 2022 began with undergraduates descending on New Haven in droves, once more. But even from the very beginning, the future was hazy. Would our new set of classes delight and disappoint? Would inflation stay high or come down? What would happen in the midterm elections? Recognizing this obscure future, the Glo community chose the theme HAZE, a theme under which it could investigate and hopefully reduce the haziness of our time.


HAZE asks what aspects of the world are hard to understand at first glance, and maybe even hard to understand at second glance, but which we can begin to understand clearly with a concerted look. Our writers took on this challenge with vigor and have put together work that should make our world look a little more clear.


Ariel Kirman breaks down one of the most significant conflicts of our time, that happening in Ukraine and reflects on Russia in the light of its history. Ted Shepherd interviews Professor Harold Hongju Koh and clarifies the role of international law in the conflict, the power it has and what needs to happen for it to be as effective as possible. 


Camily Young also interviews an expert, in this case her aunt who speaks about Hurricane Fiona, the latest hurricane to hit and devastate Puerto Rico, and what that means for the complex political system there. Finally, in a most timely piece, Lekha Sunder uncovers the story behind the sports stories of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the connections between the sports and political match-ups to be had.


We extend gratitude towards our writers, our editors, and the entire team at the Globalist for pouring themselves into this issue of the Globalist. We also extend our gratitude to you, the reader, and hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed producing it.


Warm wishes,

Amre and Victory