Beneath the Surface of Brazil: Letter from the Editor

Dear Globalist readers,

In May of 2023, a cadre of Globalist writers set out to São Paulo, Brazil, to be a part of the Yale Globalist’s first summer reporting trip since 2019. They had spent months applying for funding, planning their trip, and learning about journalism from experienced professionals in preparation. All that was left to do was travel to Brazil and begin learning about their chosen issues from experts they interviewed and spontaneous interactions in the city. Since then they have been hard at work crafting their contribution to this issue. They also took numerous photos, and we are proud to say that every photo in this issue was collected during the Globalist trip, with all but two street art photographs taken by Globalist writers themselves.

In this issue, we start with the street art of the city, as Khulan explored the history, politics, and beauty of São Paulo’s “Hidden Canvas.” Then Zoey studies disparities in Brazil’s healthcare system, which are deeply connected to the disparities in the urban landscape Dylan explores when thinking about mobility in the city. Abby discusses avian biodiversity in the country which is home to the largest rainforest in the world, and Anna describes the status of women’s rights in Brazil and what happens when women speak. Anna then also tells us about Brazil’s radical departure from its foreign policy course under Jair Bolsonaro, and Katherine explores what the boom of interest in artificial intelligence and technology shifts in general mean for Brazilians. Finally, Zoey returns to tell us about Japanese-Brazilian immigrants and their art in São Paulo today. Please enjoy!


Amre Proman, 2022-2023 Editor-in-Chief

This edition’s writers, from left: Dylan Gunn, Anna Chamberlin, Katherine Chou, Khulan Erdenedalai, Zoe Duan, Abby Schnabel