A Call to Action

Dear Globalists, 

As a student publication at a wealthy, majority-white, elite university, whose armed private police force was involved in the shooting of Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon just last year, the board of the Globalist would like to use our privilege and platform to demand justice for the victims of anti-blackness and police brutality. We encourage our readers to do the same. 

We are outraged and heartbroken by the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others by police officers. These acts of state-sanctioned, racially motivated violence are not singular incidents, but part of a larger history of anti-blackness and systemic racism. These are not just American issues, but global issues against which it is up to all of us to actively fight.

To that end, the Yale Globalist stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and pledges to actively support anti-racism and anti-police brutality causes.

Because actionless and performative statements are not enough, speaking up should translate into taking action. In addition to our continued dedication towards publishing pieces centered around global racial inequities and supporting BIPoC writers, we will be contributing 10% of our budget to the Louisville Community Bail Fund and the Texas Organizing Project Bail Fund. These organizations directly help protesters demanding justice for Louisville native Breonna Taylor and Houston native George Floyd. 

We encourage our readers to also take action in whichever way they can. For those who are financially able, please join us by donating to organizations listed below or linked here. We also encourage you to conduct your own research and to donate to causes that have not yet received much attention. In addition, we understand that supporting anti-racism and anti-police brutality causes can take many forms, so for other ways to support the Black Lives Matter movementfrom petitioning to phonebanking to protestingplease see here

Finally, racism and police brutality does not disappear when media coverage stops, so we hope that your solidarity with these causes will not end here. Educate yourself, tirelessly advocate in your communities, and continue supporting these causes in the ways you are able.

The Globalist is continually dedicated to being actively anti-racist and to advocating for racial justice. If there is anything that you think we can do to better support you, New Haven, your communities, or any anti-racist and anti-police brutality causes, please reach out to us at tyglobalist@gmail.com or individually, as always.

In Solidarity,

Mercy Idindili, Editor-in-Chief
Nicole Zhen, Editor-in-Chief
Abigail Grimes, Chair
Yilin Chen, Chief Online Editor
Phoebe Campbell, Business Director
Iyala Alai, Business Director
Sunnie Liu, Creative Director

List of Bail Funds That We Would Like to Highlight: