Letter from the Editors

Dear Globalist readers,

Time does not stand still. It moves, much like the people, knowledge, and goods that grow, change, and circulate in our global ecosystem. Around the world, the number of refugees and migrants has increased to 68 million, the rise of authoritarianism presents a real threat to democratic institutions, and the U.S political climate repeatedly disregards democracy, human rights, and free speech.

In response to these and other injustices, people from different countries and backgrounds have created movements to challenge and change the status quo. Close to home, our classmates mobilize to fight for the preservation of the ethnic studies program, for fossil fuel divestments, and for a better Yale. Movements call upon us to recognize and embrace change, but also demand that we take action. We hope that the stories of people, causes, ideas, and art in this issue will inspire you to set yourself in motion.

In this issue, Keigo Nishio ’21 criticizes the U.S military bases in Okinawa, Kevin Han ’22 reviews Alfonso Cuaron’s heartwarming film Roma, Mercy Idindili ’22 examines fuel protests in Zimbabwe, Isaac Wilks ’22 looks at Ethiopia’s political movement, among other features. Creatively, Hal Richard ‘19 imagines the world of a baby sheep, Meghana Mysore ’20 looks at what we aim to hold, and Mari Aida ’21 tries to understand aquariums, animals, and life in between.  

The world is moving around us. Now is not the time to remain still.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Thank you for thinking, imagining, writing, and reading with us!  


Much love,

Aastha and Claire


Aastha KC is a junior majoring in Anthropology in Pauli Murray College. You can contact her at aastha.kc@yale.edu

Claire Zalla is a sophomore majoring in Global Affairs in Pauli Murray College. You can contact her at claire.zalla@yale.edu.